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The artist

When he started graffiti in 1997, Osru had no idea that this discipline would open the doors to a very complete artistic universe.


Through meetings and projects, he discovered other techniques that he aembraced. So in 2013, he embarked on a new project that was both street and specific to a handmade production: wood-block prints out of skateboards decks.

He adapts the traditional woodcut to the boards while keeping the soul of this object and revealing the traces linked to their real use.


Osru chooses a completely artisanal production where the principle of reproduction is random and subtly different for each project. The artist thus takes the opposite view from our sanitized digital world to make each of his images unique.


After more than twenty years of evolution through graffiti art, Osru appropriates classic techniques. What he draws, paints, sculpts and multiplies is however in vogue!


Creating process of the skate-block prints

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